Counselling and Psychotherapy

I provide short-term counselling and medium-to-longer term psychotherapy for individuals.

My areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with depressionincluding suicidal thoughts, self-harm
  • Healing from trauma, including sexual assault, rape, IPV (intimate partner violence)
  • Existential dread, including post-pandemic uncertainty and lack of meaning and purpose

How can counselling help me?

Counselling can be helpful when you want to talk about issues that are causing upsetting feelings or confusion. Stresses can often make us feel like life is pushing down on us. Sometimes people are anxious or stressed and need a place to unload, to get their thoughts clear. I find that people seek counselling when they need someone who is impartial to talk about problems and challenges in their life, whether it be relationships or work challenges or decision-making. As a clinical counsellor, I can help you clarify your thoughts and work with you to provide support to help you feel calmer in your life.

How is psychotherapy different from counselling?

Psychotherapy tends to be longer and works on deeper issues, perhaps issues coming from your childhood. Whereas counselling is more often shorter-term and more issue-focused on what's going on now, psychotherapy looks at the underlying patterns that may have impacted your life and an exploration for what that means for you now. Both the counselling experience and psychotherapy are similar when working in session, and you don't have to know which one you want to do to get started. Counselling and psychotherapy are simply terms to describe a process to help you get where you want to go.

More information on the specialized help I provide in these areas:


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Trauma Recovery

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